1 level is dedicated to self-diagnosis, self-regulation and thorough body relaxation. Every woman wants to get into a fairytale, at least for a while. There are a lot of possibilities for that and garem dances of the ancient Egyptian tradition are one of them. All the movements are being danced with special breathing technics that encourage the energy flow and the release of blockages, stress and body dysfunction. During these classes a woman learns to fulfill her energy balance any time at any place, feel the difference between male and female attitude towards any live situations. All the classes are intensive so that she could awaken on the physical, emotional and energetic level. This level is a first step to the more radical awakening of the whole body.


2 level is dedicated to the deeper impact into oneself and a more profound adjustment by means of the dancing on bosom muscles. A woman understands that she is a keeper of treasures. She stops seeking for it outside and finds it inside herself. Dancing on a bosom muscle the woman fulfills herself with the energy, her periods restore, emotions stabilize and the body becomes more flexible. Mind’s blood supply also restores and that encourages thought perspective.


3 level works with inner core building, that helps to answer such questions as “who am I?” and “what should I do?” The woman manages to trust her intuition more and not to lose energy on fears and doubts about anything. This method allows to rise over the situation and to see the meaning of what is happening around.


4 level is about the archetypal female ability to unite herself and others on all levels of existence. Using simple and comprehensible practices of different ancient traditions the woman can unite body and soul joyfully and easily, also bring together parts of her family tree, align the connection with her national tradition and find the balance between the male and the female.